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Sunday night TV between 8 and 9pm has never quite been the same since Top Gear was cancelled due to Jeremy Clarkson’s right fist. It left a 1 hour void in my life that would be tough to fill. That was until this week when Channel 4 screened ‘The Secret World of Lego’. An hours viewing devoted to going behind the scenes at the company responsible for creating my all time favourite childhood/adulthood toy.

It was ‘awesome’ to see how the world’s most powerful toy maker has constructed such a following. They are often described as the Apple of the toy world and you can see why. The film makers were taken on a tour of the head office by the companies incredibly articulate ‘Reputation Manager’ who considered every word he said regarding the company. Far from an access all areas tour, we were given a brief glimpse of what goes on at Lego HQ; including a staged rerun of a design meeting to show what usually happens when developing a new set. They couldn’t show the actual meetings as this was top secret!

However much the show questioned that working for Lego was like being in a cult, it still had me reassessing my career choice. Even more so, as it documented a design graduates journey to becoming a full time Lego Set Designer. Having been there for 6 months he described it like being in a chocolate factory and having the golden ticket. I would have thought that the analogy of being a massive lego fan and working for Lego would have been correct in this instance though.

It appeared that Lego are obsessed by attention to detail. As the tour took in their newly opened London office (or Hub as it was described) it showed the perfect blend of great design combined with what makes their brand stand out from the rest. Models of the surrounding London skyline covered the window ledges, and yellow staircases, with a subtle nod to the iconic brick, took you through the open plan office space.

Everything about the place seemed awesome, except I couldn’t help but notice their poorly typeset rules of engagement banner. Force justifying the text and then leaving a widow on one of the lines had me questioning my lifelong obsession with Lego. How could a company who are responsible for taking up so much of my youth have such disregard for typography!

Perhaps I was overreacting slightly and should see it as a lesson that everybody makes mistakes – even Lego.

The Secret World of Lego – Channel 4 8pm Sunday 14th June 2014.

Lego Rules of engagement 1

Rules of engagement 2


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