LOVE ME – Honeymooning in the USA

This time last year I was Honeymooning in the USA with my new wife. From Hawaii via Tennessee and then New York to be exact. Surprisingly the 12 months that followed have absolutely flown by. So much so that I have only just got round to do doing something with the photographs I took on the trip.

Having just made a book of all our wedding photos using the website I decided I would knock up a photo book of our honeymoon snaps to share with the family. However, this quickly turned into a bit of a design job and resulted in stylised collection of street photography, isolated locations and lots of typography. Oh and one photograph of my wife!

I kept the graphic design simple with a classic serif font and opted for a square format. Some romantic graffiti from New York led the the title and cover image. Below are a few shots of the book (mock up courtesy of I would recommend, not sure if it was the cheapest, but there InDesign Plug-in is brilliant and the finished book looks the part.

Front Cover
Front Cover
Los Angeles
Big Island – Hawaii
Beale Street – Memphis
New York


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