Selfie sticks make great lightning conductors

selfie sticks

It’s official, more selfies were taken in 2015 than ever before*. We just couldn’t help ourselves but pose at arms length to our smart phone and capture those special moments to share with the world. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to log on to Facebook and see a blurred photo of you and your squad in a nightclub toilet. Or a badly cropped shot of you and your loved one in front of some obscured world landmark. It’s pretty much the main reason I go on any social media, well that, and to look at pictures off cats!!

And it wasn’t just us mere mortals who couldn’t get enough of the selfie. At the World Athletic Championships in the summer of 2015, Usain Bolt posed for individual selfies with everybody in the crowd (prior to being run over by a camera man on a Segway that is). 

For a while in 2015, the hashtag #homelessselfies was trending on social media. This involved people posting selfies with homeless folk from the streets – well until good sense prevailed and the next craze took over.

The rapid rate in which selfies were taken in 2015 was mostly down to the introduction of the narcissist’s ultimate accessory – the selfie stick! It’s pretty much a stick that enables the user to selfie in style. However, I’m a massive fan of selfie sticks. I see them as a form of natural selection and I actively encourage people to be waving these metal sticks about because they make great lightning conductors. It adds a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘flash photography’!

* Source unverified.

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