Pavement Rage


As part of my course at The University of Central Lancashire I had the opportunity spend a year in industry between second and thirds year. Put blunty, it was a fantastic and I loved working in the big smoke – most of the time.

But, after spending a year in London in various agencies using the tube everyday and feeling like a sardine when walking about, I developed really bad pavement rage. So much so, that it became the inspiration for one of my projects when I returned to university to complete my final year.

Being so fed up of slow walkers, people bumping into me when they exited shops and having my heels hacked into by pushchairs I decided to create a book of pavement etiquette. It documented my frustrations and ‘suggested’ a better way to behave on the pavement!

Due to me currently working in the city centre in Leeds I still suffer form the occasional pavement rage episode. Recently it got so bad that I have revived this project in the form of an Instagram account where I can vent my frustrations.

So if you like me suffer from bouts of pavement rage, then feel free to send me what winds you up and I might make a feature of it!



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